Health & Fitness Tips from Apple Valley Post-Acute Rehab

Health & Fitness Tips from Apple Valley Post-Acute Rehab

Apple Valley Post-Acute Rehab in Sebastopol, CA highly encourage you and your loved ones to celebrate health and fitness every day with these tips!

1. Enjoy healthy snacks

The key word here is “enjoy” because eating healthy shouldn’t always equate to bland foods! Get ideas to diversify your snacking.

2. Learn a little more about how our bodies work, and how we take in nutrients

In summary, carbohydrates are the source of all energy available to our bodies. Fats (or lipids) are essential in supporting cell growth. Protein is the building block of our bones, muscles, and skin. These three are found in healthy and unhealthy foods, but it’s up to you to identify and balance the correct food sources to consume!
Can you identify the healthy carbs in the photo above?

3. Stretch

When we don’t use our muscles, they tighten up and weaken with time. We tend to think that we should only stretch before exercising, but it’s important to stretch daily to preserve mobility, even if you’re not going out to run!
Read more about stretching at Harvard Health and find exercises at National Health Service to try tomorrow.

We wish you the best in creating a healthier, happier you and hope you find these tips useful!