Heart health: debunking the myths

Most of us are not familiar with the best daily habits we should be doing to protect our heart, nor are we able to recognize the warning signs of a heart attack.

Seeing stars: The hidden danger of a concussion

Josh loved to play soccer. While normally a quiet nine-year-old, his competitive nature came out in full force when he hit the field.

8 Simple Ways to Discuss Long-Term Health Care

Some conversations are harder than others. Discussing the need to plan for long term care with loved ones isn’t exactly easy and can be quite awkward

4 simple things missing from your fitness routine

An avid runner friend of mine looks forward to her daily three-mile run; mainly because her focus is on clearing her head, not the road before her

3 Steps to Protect Your Deceased Loved One From Fraud

Those who have experienced the loss of a loved one know that along with the grief comes the need to handle the business side of death

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