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My grandfather has been at this facility since June. The facility is quite clean. The staff and the PT team are great and quite caring. We had a vacation planned and were nervous about going, however we were kept informed about my grandfather’s condition. I think the fact that the facility is smaller than many facilities it is easier to get to know the staff and has a more family feel to it. We love the fact that the facility is close by so we can pop in and out on a daily basis.

I have had the opportunity to see a number of other Skilled Nursing Facilities when my grandmother was still alive and some on the surface looked like great facilities, but I have to tell you that it really is about the staff that makes a facility great. It’s true the place is small and been around a long time. They are in the process of doing renovations. Overall, they are doing great with what they have to work with. I think it also makes a huge difference when families are involved and take an active role with their loved one. We have never been discouraged from being involved and has welcomed our feedback. My grandfather is quite happy and contented there.

Lori S.

Everyone I met there made me feel confident that I’d be back on my skate board and pogo stick in no time. I was amazed at how quickly the time flew by. This was due to how smoothly and professionally each of you do your jobs. Thanks to each and every one of you for dealing with my outrageous requests and doing it with smiles. You’ve created an atmosphere of friendliness and efficiency at Apple Valley which only works because of the top-notch people who work there. My hat is off to each of you and thank you so much for helping me on my road to recovery. (And for my bedtime snacks!)

Robert B.


We sincerely want to thank you all for your excellent care of Carolyn P. in your medical and nursing care, in your physical therapy, and in your social services care. We felt we were in good hands at your facility. Our whole family expresses its heartfelt thanks to you all.

Thanks to your skilled, beneficial, restorative care for Carolyn she has continued to make good gradual progress toward full restoration, with the help of her caregiver at home. Thanks again to each one of you for your loving, skilled care of Carolyn while she was at Apple Valley Post-Acute Rehab. Please keep up your wonderful rehabilitation care of your patients.

Steve and Carolyn

I wish to pay tribute and give immense thanks to the employees and caregivers while I was in rehab from surgery at your facility. I received great care and wish to remain friends with each of them. While I was there I received excellent care. Some care went above and beyond expectations and I will never forget the kindness and personal attention I received. I voice my approval of this facility, each opportunity I may have.


I really wish I could have stayed at Apple Valley for my whole rehab time! The short time I was there I enjoyed the physical therapy and occupational therapy staff very much. I learned things about balance and other things I had never heard of before. All of your service was excellent. You have a very nice staff.


The family of La Vera Reid would like to thank you deeply for your loving care. La Vera entered Apple Valley fearfully, grew to know it as her home over the next two-and-a-half years, and left with many friends. We give you heartfelt thanks for the love you gave to her!

The Reid Family

The first view I had was my entrance early evening to Apple Valley. Kudos to Rudy and the maintenance staff in keeping the landscaping so beautiful. The patios throughout the facility are kept clean and inviting. I enjoyed many a morning walk just to see those flowers and plants up close, and to breathe the sweet air.
I even picked a few windfall Gravenstein apples — they were very tasty.

My stay at Apple Valley was indeed a very instructive, productive and happy one. I decided to make my stay a positive one, to learn as much as I can and to get back to a full recovery.

I am very grateful for the dedication and caring of all the CNAs, Nurses and entire working staff. I learned a lot from the wound care nurses, the floor nurses, the CNAs, OT and PT. They are all responsible for getting me up and walking and regaining my strength.

I am also thankful for the nutritionist lady. Tell her last Wednesday I now weigh 161.1! ;-} I have very fond memories of chef and the kitchen staff — I really looked forward to each meal and have kept some of the menus for inspiration, as the meals were a great balance of not only nutrition, but all four food groups were represented. It is amazing to prepare individual meals of the quantity needed for the patients yet keep everyone’s nutritional and dietary needs every meal.

I have admiration for the housekeeping and maintenance staff, who keep things running smoothly and were very gracious. I had a change of wardrobe due to the kindness of laundry personnel, and Rudy and the other maintenance people were ready to help with whatever needed to be addressed.

All the staff was gracious, even under pressure from certain patients who were not always nice. It is amazing the staff was not given combat pay.

The activities department is a very heartwarming one. I enjoyed listening to the beautiful music and singing and it was good to see different interests represented for the patients to enjoy and participate. If there is ever a talent day with karaoke or a guitarist, can I be a guest vocalist?

I appreciated having computer access and even enjoyed some Spider Solitaire games. I was grateful for the tv, enjoyed the TCM station and other retro tv shows from the 50’s and 60’s.

Kathy T.

If this place could get more stars I would give them more. My dad has been here off and on for the past year and they have treated him with the greatest respect. When it was time for him to leave all the staff took their time to say goodbye and give him a hug. If you are looking for a place for a family member, I highly recommend this place.

Victor W.

To the staff of Apple Valley, I want to thank everyone there for making my stay so pleasant. I have no complaints. The nursing staff were all competent and caring. The food there was very delicious and well balanced. I enjoyed the entertainment too! It was a break from the tedium of lying in bed for so long. Keep up the good work!


Thank you for taking such good care of my husband John while he was recuperating. The entire staff is so competent and so caring. I thought you might like to know that John is really thriving. He is up to 155 pounds, is walking in the house without help, is walking outside with a cane or hiking stick. He has advanced to soft foods eaten with a fork or spoon, he is reading and, best of all, he is able to think and converse. I am very, very happy. Thanks so much for your very big part in his healing process.


I want to express my deepeset thanks to all the members of Apple Valley staff for the care they provided for me during my week of rehab in February and a few days in March. From early morning through many nights you were answering my call for assistance. I am back to normal now and able to completely care for myself. God bless you.

Sister Marjorie

Hi, I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for all the assistance and kindness that you gave to me each day; you are wonderful people! Yes, I’m enjoying being at home. I hope that all of you are doing well. PS. Keesha, you are truly an angel. A special “hi” to Diane – good luck. To all of you: … a whole heart full!


To the CNAs of Apple Valley – Thank you so very much for your great care over the last 2 1/2 months! I really appreciate all the hard work you have done to make my time here easier. Thank you especially: Esperanza, Tracy, Diane, Veronica Mama, the younger Veronica, Rosa, Sandra, Noema, Keisha, Feven, Willy, Carolina, Myrna, Maryana, Maria, Lupe; really everyone who volunteered or were given Room 9 as their assignments. You have been APPRECIATED! Muchas Gracias! Thanks a lot!

Amy M.

My grandma is well taken cared of here. The staff treats her with respect and are gentle to meet her needs as she recovered from hip surgery.

Dennis M.

Everyone at Apple Valley was very special. I would recommend it to everyone. I’m finally walking with just a cane!



To everyone that helps Apple Valley work so well,

Thank you all, in your many departments, for your caring support. I would recommend you highly. My stay was brief, but pleasant and very helpful to my body. Afternoons relaxing on your perfect patio was my highlight.

Elaine A.

It was a pleasure for me to be at Apple Valley for my rehab after surgery. Everyone knew what I needed better than I did. It was on the sad side for me to have to leave. I had become attached to all who took part in my care. I will always remember my stay here.


I appreciate the great care that I received at Apple Valley. I feel like I am recovering from my surgery at a faster pace because I spent my first two weeks here. Thank you all very much.


Thank you so much for taking such good care of mom. Warm regards and much love this holiday season.

Leather Daughters

My grandpa has been sent here because he has a brain tumor. I think they help out a lot. It is right across from Fircrest so when I get bored I drive over there and get a snack. The nurses and doctors are great! Friendly care.

Brianna T.

Everybody took good care of my mom, Belen B. Apple Valley has the best care and everyone is always as nice as can be. My mom is improving each day due to the wonderful care there. Thanks for everything and best to all.